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Camping In Ontario: Crown Land

crown land camping in ontario

Ontario is home to over 250, 000 lakes, 330 Provincial Parks, & 6 National Parks. While these offer numerous opportunities for camping in Ontario they can draw crowds and require booking a site (which can be difficult). For those that consider the peace, quiet, and isolation as the best camping in Ontario they may want to consider crown land camping!

Crown land is property owned by the crown or government of Canada. All residents in the country have the right to access and use crown land for a number of activities. Crown land makes of 87% of Ontario! To learn more about what crown land is, what activities you are allowed to do on crown land, and more be sure to visit the link below:

Crown land camping in Ontario is a free camping experience in the sense that there is no cost to book a site. While there may be back country camping and crown land camping sites that are used routinely by campers you can set up your own site anywhere on crown land! While all of this sounds great you may be wondering where crown land exits; especially if you live in southern Ontario! Most of the crown land in Ontario exits in the northern region. To identify where crown land exists to plan your crown land camping trip you can use the Crown Land Use Atlas which is a web based interface that identifies land uses overtop of a GIS system like Google Maps. The crown land use atlas can be accessed at the link below.

While Ontario camping opportunities are seemingly endless it is important that we respect the crown land camping opportunities afforded to us. This means cleaning up your waste, packing out what you brought in, and not disturbing the landscape.

Discover camping in Ontario and consider crown land camping for the best camping in Ontario!


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