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Christmas Buys For Anglers

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

As November nears its end I'm sure you are all thinking about Christmas. If you're like us you probably have a list of people to get gifts for and absolutely no idea what to do get them. One thing we know is fishing and so if someone on your list is an angler, wants to get into fishing, or just enjoys learning something new we have got you covered. Check out our list below for gift ideas:

1. For Anglers With Humminbird Electronics

Humminbird Autochart Zero Lines Card

The zero lines card is something that we have used all season and will continue to use every time we are on the water. When paired with the autochart function on the humminbird units it allows "unlimited" storage of mapping data. We run autochart all day long as we explore our bodies of water wether they are mapped or not. It produces extremely detailed (1 ft contours) maps of everywhere your boat travels which capture tons of details not on the other charts. Unfortunately, the autochart record feature can only store about 8 hours worth of content. That is until you plug in the zero lines card to transfer the data, or leave it in to record direct to the card. Giving you an edge on other anglers and allowing to you map safe boating routes the Zero Lines card is a must have for anyone who spends time out on the water.

2. For Those Looking To Get Into Fishing Or Become More Successful

New Wave Fishing Academy Zero To Hero Masterclass

The Zero To Hero Masterclass will teach you all you need to know to start catching fish like a pro. Learn our biology, logic, and efficiency based systems for catching fish! It covers all the hows, why's, and when's of fishing so you understand what to do and how to apply the knowledge on your next outing. The masterclass is over 15 hours of content in digital form for you to learn when, where, and how it works for you. The best part - you get to keep the video files to re-watch, add to a mobile device and take with you on the water, or listen to on your way to work. It's up to you.

3. Fishing Tools

Having the right tools on board lets anglers be efficient, maximize their time fishing, and prevent injury or death to fish. Some of the most important tools we always have on board and ones all anglers should have are below:

Retractable Tape - For those that target big toothy critters and can't keep a bump board in the boat this retractable tape by rapala is a space saving and easy alternative.

Fish Scale - Don't be one of those anglers who catches a new "PB" but has no idea how big it actually was to confirm. We can promise you that your guess or someone else's guess is not accurate. Use a scale and be sure.

Lure Removal Tool - The best and easiest way we have found to remove hooks from fish. Keep your hands free of teeth, easily grab the hook, and unhook the fish fast.

Split Ring Pliers - Replacing hooks is a nightmare without these. Save yourself frustration, sore hands, and potential injury by getting a pair.

Hook Cutters - When fish are hooked in a bad location or can't be removed you can do serious damage to the fish and even kill it trying to remove them. The best and safest approach is to cut the hook and let the fish swim away. The hook will rust out in no time.

If you or someone you know is looking to get into fishing or you just want to become a more successful angler be sure to check out our "Zero To Hero Fishing Masterclass" for courses on everything fishing! The masterclass is built to help you learn how to find and catch fish like the pro's by providing all the information you need and a clear development path! Don't miss out check it out now at

Have you ever wondered why lures don't come with instructions and wanted to know how to fish them? Look no further than our "How To Fish" series where you will learn what each bait is, how to use it, when and where it excels over other baits, our preferred setup to use it on, and the common mistakes anglers make when using it.

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