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Fishing Rod Power, The Ultimate Guide

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

When selecting a new rod there are a few properties to consider. One of these properties is the power. Rod power can be anywhere from ultra light to extra extra heavy; but what does this mean? The rod power refers to how stiff the rod is. In other words how much force is needed to bend the rod or how strong it is.

You may be wondering why this matters at all. There are a few reasons why anglers should consider the rod power they are using while fishing. The first and most important is the species they are targeting. Anglers want to be able to have control over the fish they are reeling in and so using heavier power rods for larger fish species will allow this. The power also has an impact on the sensitivity. If it takes more force to bend the rod it will take a bigger hit from the fish for you to feel it. Using too stiff of a rod can result in you missing out on bites!

The second reason for considering the rod power you are using is the technique you are using. Some techniques require a lot of strength to pull fish away from cover, or to drive big hooks into the fish. These would require more power in the rod for best results. On the other hand techniques that use smaller treble hooks, are moving baits, or are more finesse benefit from the increased sensitivity of lower power rods. Using too stiff of a rod can cause the fish to spit the bait before you get a hookset, bend out smaller hooks, or cause you to miss subtle bites. On the other hand too weak of a rod will reduce your control over the fish, can lead to more snags as fish drive into cover, and can lead to poor hooksets with bigger hooks.

To help make the decision on how to select your rod we made the chart below. To learn more on this topic and more on how to select the right fishing gear check out the course we have created at the link below

fishing rod power chart

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