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How To Find The Best Fishing Spots Near Me

Everyone loves to catch fish but finding fishing spots nearby is not always easy. Finding GOOD fishing spots nearby is even more difficult. Aside from word of mouth there are resources that anglers can use to find fishing spots near me!

One of the best tools at an anglers disposal is satellite imaging! Satellite imaging can be used to find water bodies, ponds, streams, & comfortable areas to fish from shore. Satellite imagery also has the potential to help anglers identify key hotspots on the body of water including vegetation (emergent & submergent), laydowns, rock piles, gravel/sand flats, or other forms of cover. This allows anglers to prepare for the trip at hand and be more efficient when they are on the water; leading to more & bigger fish in the boat!

how to find the best fishing spots near me

Some of the apps anglers can use include google maps, google earth, arcGIS, or bing maps. Using these tools you can look around your neighbourhood to find potential fishing spots! Take the example on the left. Looking nearby we can see 3 potential fishing bodies of water. 2 are much bigger than the other. From these we an identify access points, what the shorelines looks like, if there is any vegetation, and where it can be possible to fish from shore. Take note that satellite imagery DOES NOT show property lines and anglers should always be sure to check if there is public access before heading out.

At New Wave Fishing Academy we use satellite imagery extensively for breaking down bodies of water & planning our fishing outings. Using some advanced features and techniques as well as an eye for detail anglers should be able to identify submerged weed lines, gravel flats, emergent vegetation, and tons of other forms of cover. For a full tutorial on how to use satellite imagery to find the best fishing spots near me be sure to take our course at the link below:


To experience a day of fishing on the water with us be sure to check out our YouTube channel at the link below:

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