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Fishing The Late Fall Period

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

For most people fishing is a summertime hobby, some may choose to put away the rods and pick up the hunting rifle in the fall but for those that are really dedicated to the sport the season doesn't end until ice stops them from putting the boat in the water. While the late fall period offers anglers a shot at their biggest fish of the year it is also one of the most difficult seasons to fish. If you plan on getting out on the water this fall here are some important items to consider and tips to make sure you stay safe & put fish in the boat!

bass fishing cold water catching giant fish georgian bay

1. Dress Right

The weather is getting cold but on the water it will feel much much colder! Be sure to layer up, wear a hat, gloves, and bring spares. It is not uncommon for us to wear a thermal layer, track pants, long sleeve shirt, hoodie, light coat, followed by snowpants and a snowsuit! We know this sounds like overkill but once you get cold on the water there is no way to warm up and will make for a miserable day. One easy way to get cold is simply from driving the boat. The cold wind on your face is sure to make your eyes water! If your boat does not have a windshield you may want to consider getting a piece of plywood or other board set up to block to the wind as well as wearing snow goggles or even a snowmobile helmet! It may look goofy but if you're warm when you get to the first fishing spot you're winning.

2. Watch The Weather

Trying to battle the elements this time of year is nothing to take lightly. With extremely cold water temperatures, very few people on the water, and high winds being a staple you are putting yourself in a risky situation just by going out on the water. Be sure to watch the weather and look for high winds. Any day with sustained winds over 20 km/h are likely to be too much to control your boat with the trolling motor effectively and may be better suited sitting out. Know your limits and stay within them. This is not the time of year to take chances!

3. Stay Dry

Getting wet this time of year is a sure fire way to make a day on the water miserable. When driving the boat be sure to take your time to avoid splashing and keep yourself dry! Getting wet will make you cold and get you sick. Wearing a good insulated rainsuit is your best bet to reduce the impact of splash on yourself. When releasing and netting fish try to avoid putting your hands in the water as much as possible! Cold hands make it difficult to tie lines, swap lures, and even hold on to your rod.

4. Floaters Suits & Life Jackets

While life jackets or floater suits will stop you from sinking in the event of falling overboard cold water can have hypothermia set in within minutes. Without wearing your life jacket or having on a floater suit you don't stand a chance. In the event of an overboard you will need a way to quickly warm the person up. Having some emergency response blankets on board is an easy, space saving way to be able to do this or at least be able to get them back to the vehicles with a better heat source.

Fishing the late fall period will offer you a shot at the biggest fish of the year but it is also a very risky time to be on the water. If you plan on getting out there be sure to make safety your number one priority and be prepared before heading out!

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