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Immediately Become A Better Angler With One Change

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Fishing is a sport shrouded in a layer of secrecy and concrete mindsets. Most anglers hold their "secret" baits, techniques, and spots close to their chest while doing the same thing on every outing. While these tactics may be REALLY successful a few times a year more often than not results will vary. Is it because it has worked once and so must work again? Or is the fear of not catching anything outweighing the potential to catch a trophy by switching things up? I suppose we will never really know. What we do know is that there is one very easy way to immediately become a more successful angler.

Whether we are talking about life, careers, or fishing the only true way to become more successful is to never be satisfied with your results. While you should certainly appreciate your accomplishments and how far you have come you always need to be expecting more from yourself and pushing to make this a reality. This comes with knowing what is possible! If you are an angler who is able to go out on the water and catch your limit of fish every time you go out you will never do any better being satisfied with this. Maybe catching a limit on this body of water is all that anyone is able to do but more than likely others are out there catching trophies every day! Just take a look at some tournament results on your favourite body of water and add up all the trophy sized fish caught in a single day. After seeing this there should be no doubt in your mind that there are plenty of big catchable fish out there and no reason why you can't catch them.

Take this seasons Huron Bass Tour events for example. While we have been able to successfully locate and catch 20-25 lb bags of Smallmouth Bass on most outings we have yet to catch a fish breaking that magical 6 lb mark. Despite this a 27+ Lb bag was weighed in one event and in another tournament series in the same area a 26+ Lb bag was weighed in including a 7.15 lb monster! Clearly there are more big fish out there than the ones we have been targeting and someone was able to catch them. There is no reason why we can't either and will be striving to find ways next season to make this happen. Without seeing some of these results one might think that a 15 or 18 Lb bag is an exceptional weight or day on the water meanwhile dozens of anglers are bringing in sacks over 25 lbs.

Long story short if you want to become more successful (in life, career, or fishing) you need to hold yourself to a higher standard and strive to keep improving. Knowing what is possible will help you stay motivated and keep advancing the target for you as you continue to grow. Be sure to track and appreciate how far you have come and the accomplishments you have made along the way but always strive to do better and you will always be successful!

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