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Preparing For Fall

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

If you are after trophy class fish then you better get out on the water this fall! Pleasure boaters, jet ski's, and water sports enthusiast and usually off the water at this stage of the year leaving it all to yourself for catching big fish. As summer fades away and winter approaches the fish have one thing on their mind; feeding as much as possible to build up fat reserves for the winter. This means a few things for anglers: there is the potential for a lot of fish being caught and there is potential for a real giant as fish will be at their heaviest weights of the year.

Unfortunately, fall is not always a sure thing. While fish are feeding heavily they are also on the move: following baitfish, moving to their eventual wintering holes, and concentrating into bigger schools in smaller areas. This typically means that anglers will either have a phenomenal day or get skunked; nothing in between and it all depends on if they were able to locate the fish. In order to make the most out of your time on the water this fall check out our tips below:

  1. Find The Travel Routes

You likely knew where fish were all summer. Come fall they will start to move towards wintering holes. These are typically the deepest areas in the body of water. While each fish species may use a different part they all typically have immediate access to it. Identify these locations and where the fish were in the summer to find the route they will take to get there.

2. Look for the bait; and birds

Fall is all about bait. If there is no bait around there isn't going to be any fish. Be sure to take advantage of polarized sunglasses, electronics, and the location of bait eating birds to identify where the bait is. If there is no bait around move on quickly.

3. Dress To Impress

After a warm summer the cool temperatures of fall will hit you harder than you think. As you venture out onto the water be sure to dress for the weather. Layer up and put on more and more layers as the fall continues. Think about gloves; once your hands get cold it becomes near impossible to work a reel properly let alone re-tie your baits. Being prepared for sudden rain and high winds will help you make the most of your day on the water.

4. Go BIG

This time of year fish are looking to feed heavily. This also means they are willing and prefer to attack bigger baits! Whether this is a result of the small baitfish population being depleted throughout the year or their goals to fatten up as quickly as possible before winter one thing is clear; big fish want big baits.

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