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Rod Eyelet Repairs

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

easy fishing rod eyelet repair

As the fishing season quickly approaches you should check that all your gear is ready to go for the year. This typically includes remembering where you stored everything, wiping the dust off, and putting new line on. Anglers should also be sure to inspect their rod for any damages but specifically on the eyelets of the rod. It could have been from last season, transport, or while is storage but broken or damaged eyelets can lead to poor casting distance, tangles, line breaks and general difficulty to use the rod. Line breaks are the most common symptom of damaged rod eyelets and often go unnoticed!

Most eyelets these days have a zirconium or other ceramic insert which makes them very smooth if its in good condition. If the ceramic breaks however there is now a sharp edge that will chafe and eventually snap your line! It can be on the cast, on the retrieve, or worst case while setting the hook on a fish. Unfortunately, eyelets on rods are not easy to replace and a new insert can't just be popped in.


there is an easy fix, and it involves an unlikely hero! Clear nail polish!

While other substitutes can be used (epoxy, varnish, etc) clear nail polish is likely something you or someone you live with already have at home. By applying a few layers of nail polish to the damaged eyelet you can create a new smooth finish that will last all season! While applying the polish be sure to completely cover both sides of the eyelet as well as the entire internal surface that the line will pass over.

Be sure to remove the line from your rod eyelets before attempting this. Getting the line stuck in the polish will stop you from creating a nice smooth surface as well as damage the line and be a general pain to deal with. After applying a layer let it dry and then apply a new one. After that one dries apply another. We have found that 3-5 layers is sufficient to fix even the deepest crevices in the eyelet. After this dries you are good to go for another season, or at least until your next repair is needed. To see a repair we recently completed using this technique check out the link below:

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