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The Forbidden Fruit

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Don't touch it, don't eat it for breakfast, don't pack it in your lunch; you're best to not even think about it!

If you don't already know what I'm talking about its bananas!

For a long time in the boating and fishing communities bananas have been "known" to bring bad luck with them. From broken parts to fish-less days just about anything bad that has happened on the water can be linked to a banana somehow.

While some say that bananas and particularly the scent / substances on them repel fish once you've had one and then touch your line or lures others simply believe they have bring bad luck.

So how did this all start?

Way back when everything had to be shipped by sail boats (no motors) crews would spend a ton of time between destinations. This meant they mostly lived on the boat at sea. Bananas were a commodity from southeast asia that would be traded all over the world. Unfortunately, southeast asia is also home to some nasty animals like scorpions, spiders, and other deadly insects that would commonly hide amongst bananas. This lead to dangerous animals coming out of the banana crates while on the ship and causing crew mates to get sick and even die. Since it was not known what the cause of these events were over time the idea that bananas brought bad luck came to be!

While bananas certainly did bring the bad luck (in the form of dangerous creatures) way back when there is no proof these days that it causes poor fishing however it is comforting to have excuses to fall back on and joke around with to make a tough day of fishing more enjoyable. We think that all tough days of fishing could be more successful with a bit more planning up front and by making better adjustments throughout the day when things aren't working.

What do you think? Do bananas cause bad luck or is it just an excuse; we want to know?

To learn more about how you can plan you trip and make great decisions throughout the day check out module A10 of our Zero to Hero Fishing Masterclass at the link below:

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