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The Process

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

This spring season has proved to be both great and frustrating all at the same time. Despite being able to put everyone else in the boat on quality fish and guide others to spots where they have been able to catch trophies I myself have not been able to put any giants into the boat. Don't get me wrong, Pike in the mid to high 30" class are still great fish that I am thrilled to be able to catch, however, this seasons goal as part of the "Giants of Georgian Bay Series" was to find and catch the biggest fish Georgian Bay has to offer.

At this time I keep reminding myself to "trust the process". Fishing and particularly the New Wave way of fishing is all about making the best decisions to put yourself in a spot with the greatest chance of encountering big fish! The best indicator that you (including everyone in the boat) are making the right decisions is if you are encountering big fish! Fish can't be caught if you aren't around them. So the most important thing to do is find the fish. Using your time on & off the water to gather info, eliminate unproductive water, and put yourself in better and better positions throughout the day is the name of the game. Can you be right all the time? Absolutely not; but most fo the time it only takes ONE really good decision to make a whole day of fishing. One spot, one hour, even one cast can turn your trip from a bust into a day you'll never forget.

While reflecting on my days on the water and the decisions that have been made I've realized that the biggest factor which has been preventing me from catching MORE big fish is being stubborn! While experimenting with baits to try and find the most ideal for the conditions at hand is a part of the process being able to recognize the patterns for the day and act on it is something that I have not been doing well. While I try to use different baits than my partners in the boat with me the majority of days a jerkbait (which my partners started with) significantly outperformed all other baits. Being too stubborn to switch over and commit (use it the majority of the time) to this bait once the pattern is apparent has been the big factor in lowering the number of bites throughout the day and therefore chances of putting a big one in the boat.

Reflecting on the decisions you make while on the water is a critical part of the process in locating fish, learning how to become more successful on the water, and putting trophy fish in the boat!

To learn more about the New Wave Fishing approach and the strategies we use to target different species throughout the year, how to make better decisions while on the water, and how to be more efficient check out our Zero To Hero Fishing Masterclass:

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