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Understand Fishing Hooks

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

When it comes to terminal tackle and hooks specifically there are countless options for anglers to chose from. It can be difficult to know where to start. Let’s go over some of the basics.

Point - This is the sharp part that pokes into and catches the fish

fish hooks explained

Barb - The bard is a sharp point that opposes the hook point to make it difficult for the hook to slide back out the hole it just punctured

Eyelet - This is the circular, donut hole, looking piece of the hook that allows you to tie the hook onto your line.

The hook gauge is the thickness of the hook. The thicker the hook the more difficult it will be to puncture a fish skill. The thinner the hook the more easily it will puncture. This is obvious if you think about a thick hook like a screwdriver vs a thin hook like a needle. There are two classifying systems for hook sizes. Number and #/0 (Pronounced "aught"). On the number system the higher the number the smaller and thinner the hook. On the aught system the larger the number the larger and thicker the hook.

fish hook sizes explained

Thin wire hooks (1-10+) are very sharp, penetrate the fish easily, but can also bend out very easily. This means that the angler can't put much pressure while fighting the fish or they risk losing it. This typically means using these type of hooks in finesse applications where subtle bites are expected and they don't need to fight the fish away from cover.

Thicker wire hooks (1/0+) are less sharp than the thinner ones but also much stronger. This means it will be more difficult to get a quality hookset but allows anglers to fight the fish out of cover if needed.

Let’s first distinguish between hooks and jigheads. Unlike hooks jigheads have some sort of weight at the location fo the line tie to the hook where as hooks have no added weights. There are a number of different hooks on the market today which are suited for all the applications an angler can dream of.

To learn more about hooks be sure to check out the video link below

types of fish hooks

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