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Why New Lures Work

Fish, like all animals, have a curious side. The more remote they are the more curious they tend to be. This curious side is the reason that new lures are able to bust on the scene with crazy results! The new sound, action, and vibration of the lures stand out to fish compared to everything else they have experienced and they want to investigate.

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If you have spent time in very remote areas you will notice how easy the fish seem to be to catch. You can throw out a bare hook with a piece of birch bark and still get bit. This is a result of their curious nature. When they see something new, like anything an angler presents, they want to know what it is. In remote areas with little to no angling pressure they also don't feel threatened by new thing and will bite it as a result.

Even in heavily pressured areas this scenario can be observed. New lures to hit the market which show the fish something brand new gain their attention and bites just because its new and they want to know! After these lures become common to the area success dwindles considerably, and you may have noticed this as the hot lures don't stick around long or get lost in the tackle box. Being the first person to get in on a new bait can have tremendous success before others catch on!

A similar phenomenon happens when pressuring a particular area for fish. They become accustomed to your presentations and begin to ignore the baits but by showing the fish something new you may just trigger their curiosity and a bite!

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