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Women In Angling: Kayla C

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

When New Wave Fishing Academy was started it was based around the mission of helping everyone become more successful anglers and especially those who do not have the family, friends, or easily accessible opportunities to push them into the sport. From our short time in operation trying to make accomplish this mission there has been a very clear population that has a hard time breaking into the industry. From critics online challenging their skills as anglers to talking down or belittling their accomplishments / questions there are a lot of unnecessary hurdles for women and young girls to get into the sport. While we know that these people setting up these hurdles do not represent the bulk of the members in the industry they unfortunately are often the loudest voice. To combat this we want to highlight some of the best ambassadors for "Women In Angling" that we know and share their stories for those that just need a little push to get into the sport or some role models to look towards!

This weeks feature is Kayla C! We have followed Kayla on social media for a while for her photos of multi species catches and outdoor photography. We were fortunate enough to get in touch with her and have a discussion to share with all of you.

top female anglers fishing for smallies hot fishing woman

"Hey everyone! My name is Kayla and I’m a multi species angler from Ontario. Fishing and photography are both my hobbies so I've made my social media page a mix of both. I don’t do ice fishing so my posts tend to be more photography during the winter and more fishing during the nice weather months. I used to fish occasionally when I was younger and really started getting into it about 10 years ago now. I mostly target bass but sometimes go for musky or walleye as well! Eventually I would like to get into trout/salmon fishing as well, I think that would be a lot of fun! One thing I love about fishing are the unexpected things that can happen like fishing for bass and then ending up with a musky on your line instead. This particular event has happened more than a few times on trips up north and it’s always a thrilling moment!

The main area I fish is Lake Erie. On Erie it’s fun to sight fish for smallmouth in the shallows at the start of the season but it can definitely be tricky! The fish are spooked easily and are moving around quickly so you need to be quick to stay on them. Later in the season when bass head out to deeper water I love to pick up a dropshot; this is my favorite way to catch them!

One of my favorite quotes is “The best gift you can give to an angler is to put a big fish back, who knows if the next big fish you catch isn’t someone else’s gift to you." As a catch & release angler this has resonated with me and my love for the outdoors in general. Protecting our resources is a team effort and everyone needs to do their part. I definitely haven't been able to get out as much as I used to since becoming a mom but hoping to get back out there a lot more this year.

I learned to fish from reading a little online but mostly just from being out on the water. Trial and error is a great teacher and after I while I started to find things that worked! Learning is the fun part and you should do it whichever way is the most fun for you. As a single tip for beginners I would just say to try something like a perch imitating lure. Casting early morning or before sunset I’ve always caught fish with a simple perch lure. This lure was my go to for a long time before learning new techniques"

We would like to thank Kayla for sharing her passion for fishing with us all. You can connect with her on instagram @kaylacfishingphotography.

If you know somebody who is a great ambassador for Women In Angling (Or the outdoors) that deserves to be recognized and would be willing to create a post please reach out to us on any of our social media platforms so we can get in touch with them.

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