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Women In Angling: Meg Moore

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

When New Wave Fishing Academy was started it was based around the mission of helping everyone become more successful anglers and especially those who do not have the family, friends, or easily accessible opportunities to push them into the sport. From our short time in operation trying to make accomplish this mission there has been a very clear population that has a hard time breaking into the industry. From critics online challenging their skills as anglers to talking down or belittling their accomplishments / questions there are a lot of unnecessary hurdles for women and young girls to get into the sport. While we know that these people setting up these hurdles do not represent the bulk of the members in the industry they unfortunately are often the loudest voice. To combat this we want to highlight some of the best ambassadors for "Women In Angling" that we know and share their stories for those that just need a little push to get into the sport or some role models to look towards!

We couldn't think of anyone better to kick off this blog series than Meg Moore! Growing up in the same small town and attending the same schools from kindergarten throughout High School as New Wave Fishing Academy founder Brandon; Meg has been crushing it on the water angling and in the bush hunting for as long as we can remember. Although they did not spend any time on the water together the New Wave team has been admirers from afar and a long time social media supporter ogling over some of her insane catches over the years. We are constantly impressed with her dedication to the outdoors and know she is an exceptional ambassador for the outdoor community and great role model for others. Without any other hold up let's hear from Meg herself!

lady angler catching huge fish great northern pike

When Brandon from New Wave Fishing Academy asked to share a few tips for women interested in getting involved with fishing I immediately said yes; for several reasons. New Wave Fishing Academy is all about getting new or inexperienced anglers into the sport, as well as spreading education & tips to those starting out as well as those looking to perfect their techniques. Often, these new or inexperienced anglers are women!

Being a new angler can be a tad daunting in itself, let alone being a female angler, and while I was lucky enough to be hooked on fishing at a very young age with a passion for the sport that has only grown over the years, that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been times where my confidence hasn’t been challenged or abilities questioned. More so now than ever; the new age world we live in today where it is easy for people excited to share their successes & highlights online with friends, also makes it extremely easy to be scrutinized for your wrong doings. Especially from people you’ve never even met on the other end of a keyboard! Do women experience this more than men do when it comes to the male dominated outdoor world? Simply put yes, and while we are so lucky we live in a time where we are able to forge our own paths there are still barriers for many women to take up their rightful place in the outdoors.

It’s a sad reality that the majority of people do not like the see other people be more successful at something than they are, and I hate to say it but even more so if you are a woman in a male dominated playing field, especially as your experience & online exposer grows! It is inevitable that you are going to receive negative comments or messages and the worst part being this comes from both men & other women unfortunately. Is it always easy to ignore the negative side that can come along with growing on online following?


but there is also a great online community of people who are just happy to see other people happy and being successful, and that comes back to networking and connecting with other likeminded people on social media. I think one of the best thing a female who is interested in fishing; learning more about fishing can do it to reach out to other female anglers, and it is easier now than ever for with social media. It has allowed passionate women from all over the world to connect with each other and have non-male dominated conversation, to share experiences or tips, or simply just share stories.

While there are many Facebook groups based around the same idea, there are also hands on groups across the country, one being local here in Ontario. Ontario Women Anglers ( provides a variety of programs aimed at getting more women and children outdoors and involved in fishing. Through anglers’ education workshops, hands-on activities, fishing excursions, community events and mentorship, Ontario Women Anglers provides opportunities for both new and experienced female anglers to increase their fishing skills and to network with others that share this passion. I personally have participated the Ontario Women Anglers’ Intro to Steelhead Fishing Workshop and it was AMAZING! I walked away with a completely new set of skills for a type of fishing I had never done before and made many new friends that years’ later, I’m still in touch with. I felt educated, and confident that I had learned enough to venture out steelhead fishing on my own.

There is never-ending information surrounding fishing & catching fish that it is easy to become overwhelmed or not know where to start but I think it is important as a new angler, male or female, to just stick to the basics & do your research. Being confident is half the battle and a little research ahead of time into the lake your fishing, the type of fish your targeting and the time of year will all point you in the right direction for bait/lure choice as well as areas of the lake to target will set you up for a higher chance of success & a better overall experience. New Wave Academy’s courses & 1:1 coaching is a great tool to help familiarize yourself with what to look for when planning an outing or if you just want to ask specific questions you can't find a satisfying answer for online.

lady fishing for northerns catching massive fish

Well there you have it from Meg herself! We hope that you appreciate her taking the time to prepare this post for us and it inspires you to get into the outdoors. New Wave Fishing Academy will be running feature stories like this until the end of the year. If you know somebody who is a great ambassador for Women In Angling (Or the outdoors) that deserves to be recognized and would be willing to create a post please reach out to us on any of our social media platforms so we can get in touch with them.

If you want to connect with Meg you can give her a follow on instagram @megm18.

If you or someone you know is looking to get into fishing or you just want to become a more successful angler be sure to check out our "Zero To Hero Fishing Masterclass" for courses on everything fishing! The masterclass is built to help you learn how to find and catch fish like the pro's by providing all the information you need and a clear development path! Don't miss out check it out now at

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