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Women In Angling: Chelsea Lynn

When New Wave Fishing Academy was started it was based around the mission of helping everyone become more successful anglers and especially those who do not have the family, friends, or easily accessible opportunities to push them into the sport. From our short time in operation trying to accomplish this mission there has been a very clear population that has a hard time breaking into the industry. From critics online challenging their skills as anglers to talking down or belittling their accomplishments there are a lot of unnecessary hurdles for women and young girls to get into fishing. While we know that these hurdles are not set up by those that represent the majority of the members in the industry they unfortunately are often the loudest voice. To combat this we started the "Women In Angling" blog series last year to highlight some of the top female anglers, ladies in the outdoors, and female fishing ambassadors while sharing their stories for those that just need a little push or some role models to look towards to get into this sport we all love! Despite what you might think; girls fish too!

This weeks feature is Chelsea Lynn! Chelsea is another one of us fools hooked on the chase for the next big bite from freshwaters most elusive creature. But there is one key difference; RESULTS! Check out her story below:

brown trout ontario fishing girls chelsea lynn

"North Bay, Ontario, is where I was born and raised. Despite spending a majority of my days exploring the wild beauty of Ontario's outdoors fishing didn't become a part until 2015 when fate led me to my partner, Nik. We live and breathe the outdoor lifestyle. Since then we've made a home on the outskirts of town only a stone's throw from our favorite hunting and fishing spots!

musky fishing ontario women fishing chelsea lynn

My journey into the world of fishing really began with a back lake brook trout mission in a canoe with Nik. A humble start that blossomed into a deep passion for angling. A short while later in 2016 I laid eyes on a musky for the first time, and the thrill of the chase has captured my heart ever since! The highs and lows of musky fishing became a love-hate relationship, fueling my determination and igniting a fire within. Nik has taught me so much as an angler, and I give him all the credit for having the patience and allowing me to grow into the angler I am today. I have worked so hard over the years and have been rewarded with some incredible fish. In 2023 alone, I was able to top my biggest musky twice as well as catch personal best northern pike, brook trout, brown trout, and rainbow trout.

I don’t keep track of how many musky I have caught in total but last season I caught close to 30 and same with the previous year. Despite this success I have also had years that are extremely humbling and catch next to none. I had one season where I struggled to catch a fish over 43”. My first year ever I only caught 1 fish! You really never know how your season could end up and that’s what I love about musky. My biggest fish before my 52.5 from the 2023 season was a 51 from the 2023 season as well and then my first 50” fish was my PB before that in 2017. 

In addition to angling I am extremely passionate about the conservation of our lakes & am an avid promoter of Catch-And-Release fishing. In the last few years, I have really started to do more multi-species fishing. Beyond musky, I love targeting pike, bass, walleye, brook trout, lake trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, salmon, steelhead, and splake. Each species holds its own allure, adding to the fun and excitement of fishing.

One of the most important tips for breaking into the outdoors lifestyle and fishing is to start by exploring your local area. Find nearby lakes or rivers where you can fish and spend time in nature. It's also helpful to connect with experienced anglers or join fishing communities to learn tips and tricks. Remember, it's all about enjoying the process and embracing the adventure. Another tip is start with the right gear. Get yourself a good fishing rod and reel, some tackle, and don't forget your fishing license and the most important thing before anything if the above is proper release tools, hook cutters should be a must followed by pliers and a net. Use the net to keep the fish in the water as long as possible. It's also helpful to learn about different fishing techniques and the types of fish you can catch in your area.

northern pike fishing ontario female anglers chelsea lynn

When I'm not out on the boat, you'll find me down by the riverbank, in a kayak or exploring remote back lakes in a canoe or on foot. Winter is spent on the ice, while the fall season calls me to the woods for hunting adventures. Join me on this adventure as we explore the beauty of the great outdoors one lake at a time!"

We would like to thank Chelsea for sharing her story and passion for fishing with us all. You can connect with her on instagram @chelseasoutdoorlife where she shares her life outdoors as well as the GIANT musky she boats.

For more female fishing, fisher woman, and lady angler role model be sure to check out the other Women in Angling features at the link below.

If you know somebody who is a great ambassador for Women In Angling (Or the outdoors) that deserves to be recognized and would be willing to create a post please reach out to us on any of our social media platforms so we can get in touch with them.


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